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ERP, Talent, Defined.
A Unified Direct Sourcing Approach for Enterprise Technology Talent.

With The Collective, one agreement can support your most crucial needs across your enterprise technology landscape, from security to ERP including your most hard-to-find critical talent. Our group of companies have been working together since 1998 to build a time tested, unified process that consistently delivers you the specialized IT talent that your organization needs most!

Over 20+ years of business we've built out a collective talent pool of tens of thousands of specialized captive consultants. We utilize this pool for every job order we receive to give you a quick turnaround without sacrificing the quality.

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ERP, Talent, Defined.
Delivering ERP, CRM, and BI Consultants since 1998

GlobalSource IT has been delivering ERP, CRM and BI consultants since 1998. The success and growth of our practice is a result of an unmatched candidate vetting process and long tenured staff who carry an in-depth knowledge of the ERP ecosystem. 

As an ASUG Trusted Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner, we serve clients throughout the country and around the world; providing functional, technical and project management professionals. This includes experience levels ranging from Subject Matter Experts, Team Leads, Sr. Consultants and mid-level Contractors that meet your needs and budget, and compliment your corporate and team culture.

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Specialized cybersecurity talent
Your Premier Partner In the IT Security Ecosystem

Identify Security provides specialized cybersecurity talent to help organizations solve their most complex security challenges. We’ve been supporting the IT security ecosystem since 2005 by deploying specialized talent across AppSec, InfoSec, GRC, IoT, and IAM.

The foundation of our practice is built upon relationships with the clients we serve and the consultants we deploy. These relationships afford Identify Security unprecedented access to a deep pool of specialized resources our clients can leverage to bridge the gap between their organization’s vulnerabilities and the solutions that protect their brands.

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Niche IT talent for your organization
Purple Squirrels Exist, and We’ll Find Them.

Every organization has unique, crucial roles that require uncommon talent. Rarely will you find someone that has the right experience and qualifications that perfectly fit that job’s multifaceted requirements. In fact, they’re as rare as a purple squirrel. But the good news is they do exist. And we can find them!

At PurpleSquirrel IT, we execute a data-driven methodology to consistently identify and evaluate the hard-to-find candidates that your business needs. No two purple squirrels are the same; we’ll find yours.

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Candidate Assurance

All of the companies inside of The Collective utilize our tested recruiting and screening process giving you unparalleled accuracy and quality in as little as 48-72 hours.

Industry Leaders

With teams dedicated to each technology niche we have the knowledge necessary to understand the needs of your organization on a deeper level and solve them using the most innovate solutions possible.

Continued Support

Once you have the person you need, we don't stop there. Our teams continue to monitor and support that role, building cross functional continuity to ensure that your organization has the people it needs and a partner it can trust.